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Well Saumur is delightful. Years ago I studied wines and got my advanced certificate in wines and spirits. I visited Bordeaux and Burgundy regions but never the Loire. I am in heaven. It is all that the books promised, the town is set on the banks of the wide river and it is elegant and serene. We sat at a bar in the square and sipped flinty cold wine looking for accommodation. We found the hotel St Pierre where we secured a twin room at half price as a late deal. It was exquisite, charming and the essence of high class living. When asked if we would like to book a table for dinner we knew that would be a bridge too far on the current budget and went to look for a restaurant in the town. We first walked up the steep hill to the chateau and admired the conical towers overlooking the countryside behind. Back in the centre of town we found a restaurant and dined on duck, for me, lamb for Lynn, sipped delicious wine and completed the meal with a glass of Armagnac.