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We have now moved on down the coast to the other side of Motril, to stay with friends in their beautiful house high up in the hills overlooking mountains and sea. It is perfect. Our stay wiTh Dan and Louise was very relaxing and we enjoyed sleeping late, eating late, drinking late and watching you tube videos of singers late into the night. We returned several times to the same little restaurant right on a quiet beach to eat as the moon took over from the sun. 

Now we are making our way slowly back and are not sure where our journey is going to take us, other than we have to be on the ferry on Tuesday morning next week. We stopped at a wayside bar in the late afternoon and the only other people there were a middle aged couple kissing as if their lives depended on it. We were just outside Solabrena, a town Lanky and I visited thirteen years ago when I decided to look for a house in Spain. The town stills looks inviting, white houses scattered over the hill topped with an old castle. We recalled walking up the steep cobbled streets past pretty houses with flowers in windows boxes. Since then high rise flats have scarred the sea front.