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Today we are leaving Gaulchos where we have stayed for three nights with friends in their beautiful house set high up in the hills looking out to sea. Yesterday we went in the car up to a small mountain village behind us called Lujar, the views were incredible. We wandered about the sleepy village up wide shallow steps, in and out of narrow alley ways before descending to the Main Street where we sat on one of the benches under the shade of the trees. Back in the car we drove down to the beach to drink freshly squeezed oranges and eat croissants, after which we retired to the beach and had a cool swim in the sea. The weather has been extremely hot and you need to wear shoes to cross the beach for fearing of burning the soles of your feet. When we went to the beach bar for a drink the bar man presented us with a plate of stew and two slices of bread. It is often the case when you buy an alcoholic drink you get a tapas. But these tapas are more like small meals, not the finger food that I remember from years ago. 

I have enjoyed our visit to this part of Spain sitting outside drinking and talking until midnight and the evening is still very warm. I loved going for a coffee in the morning to the village cafe sitting in the village square writing postcards listening to the women talking to each other in a staccato tone which echoed around the square. The trees provided much needed shade and occasionally an old man would come and sit for a while before slowly moving on. Lanky commented that she thought the place had been sprinkled with Vallium dust, it was so laid back. We leave for Cuenco today. That is the plan but in some ways we have no plan other than we have to start making our way back to catch the ferry next Tuesday morning from Caen. p>