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We left Orcano at 10.30a.m. And set off on the last leg of our journey to Southern Spain where we are staying with Lanky’s daughter and her husband. The roads have been perfect all the way, newly laid and hardly anyone on them; at least, not until you hit a city. We travelled for hours without any problems through open countryside stretching out as far as the eye could see. At one stage we went through olive groves hour after hour and wondered at the amount of olives grown in this part of Spain. We passed fields of bright yellow sunflowers with their heads turned to face the sun. We stopped at wayside service stations and ate our picnic lunch, bread, ham and tomatoes topped up with water. The sun beat down and for the first time we drove with the hood up for a few hours to relieve us from the relentless heat. As we approached Malaga the traffic increased and the speed limit decreased but the roads were good and as long as you kept your wits about you the traffic flowed past hundreds and hundreds of apartments to the left and to the right little collections of buildings clung to the hillside shining bright white in the sun. 

At last we reached Estopona but luckily we didn’t turn into the town but continued until forking off right into the hills. Down a narrow track before arriving at Dan and Louise’s delightful finca, or Spanish farmhouse. It is so peaceful the only noise coming from the birds whistling and chattering. We drank, we ate, we talked, we slept and it is lovely to be here. It has been a huge journey through green and gorgeous France, the heights of stunning Andorra and the vastness of golden Spain.