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We drove all day and the further behind we left Andorra the hotter it got. We had the hood down on the car and we baked gently as we sped through the flattening countryside of golden Spain, lush green hills and countryside a thing of the past. We stopped at a roadside service station for a daily picnic and congratulated ourselves on how well we were doing. Back on the road the clock ticked nearer five o’clock and we pulled off into Zaragoza to try and find a bed for the night. This is a huge sprawling city and we crossed the wide river Ebro and made our way towards the towering old buildings in the middle but there were no hotel signs. Not to worry I said to Lanky, who was driving, go round again. We tried once more to circumnavigate this metropolis, realising that it was rush and when we pointed the beautiful open topped SAAB down a one way street with three lines of traffic facing us we backed up very carefully into the three lanes of traffic bearing down on us from behind, and left town. We drove on until we came to La Almunia de Doña Godina. It looked like a one horse town and we did two circuits before pulling into the side of the road. The rain had started in Zaragoza and was now dropping its heaviest charge as we stepped out of the car into a stream charging alongside the kerb. We made a dash for the nearest cafe and asked about hotels. We were one hundred yards away. It has proved to be perfect.

i have walked around the little town and it is charming with a huge red brick church centre stage. After Coffee and chocolate croissant I am ready to face the day. We hope to get as far as Granada today but I hate the thought of entering another busy city, so we’ll see if we stay or not.  Meanwhile we will reshuffle our luggage, unfold the roof top and hit the road again. It is a great way to travel and the SAAB practically drives itself, I cannot speak highly enough of this magnificent machine.