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Five days before Christmas, cards that have not been sent may never be sent, last minute presents may be desperate presents, phone calls, emails, instagrams and electronic messages…… Roll on Christmas Day when we can finally relax and stop worrying about what we may or may not have done in readiness for this day.

last year I was ill. This year I am in fine health and determined to embrace the season with goodwill and love. The mantelpiece is decorated and fairy lights have been strung up. Friends visit and I have enjoyed a Christmas dinner, a Christmas breakfast and a Christmas dance tea party. I have played Chriistmas carols on myy saxophone in the Donkey Sanctuary, the market and a nursing home and in every case it was great fun.

I have walked in the mist down the valley and back again seeing only a grey shroud and the mysterious skeletons of trees, looking around as voices rose out of the gloom before a shady body appeared. This was enhanced by a stunning sunset as the mist finally lifted and one of natures best shows on earth painted the sky in fabulous pinks, and peaches and reds before finally slipping below the horizon and putting the sea to rest.

Today is the shortest day of the year and for the last time we can stop complaining about it getting dark at four o clock as it gradually creeps a little lighter each day. Not soon enough for me. Wherever you are, enjoy these last few days of 2016 before embarking on another very Happy New Year.