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La Almunia de Doña Godina

We drove all day and the further behind we left Andorra the hotter it got. We had the hood down on the car and we baked gently as we sped through the flattening countryside of golden Spain, lush green hills and countryside a thing of the past. We stopped at a roadside...

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We have now reached Andorra and I am sitting high up in the mountains on a beautiful day looking down a heavily wooded valley, above the snow clings to the crevices but the sun is melting it more and more and the rivers are surfing down the mountainside. We had lunch...

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Alencon nr Le Mans

We have finally arrived. Got up at 3am yesterday. Morning and left the house at 4.45 to catch the 8.15 ferry. It was packed with people leaving for the D day landings including hoards of school children lanky and I retired to the lounge and slept soundly on reclining...

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We’re all going on a summer holiday

Lanky and I leave for France in my new SAAB convertible on Monday morning at 8am from Portsmouth harbour. The preparations are mostly concerned with making sure that everything back home still functions in my absence. This takes up so much time that I hope I remember...

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RETIREMENT – Work is Finished

She put the last few papers and books into a fold away box that she had remembered to bring in with her, just in case there were any last minute things to clear away. Looking around the room she thought, this is it, finished. No more getting up at 6.30 every morning....

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Easter Time

The Easter holiday is just about over and we settle down to another working week albeit a short one. The weather was kind but after one day of rain the cliffs started to drop away again, it is a sign of how life never stops still but keeps on changing. I read the...

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