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Jaca in Northern Spain

After a long day driving mostly on the auto via, motorway type roads we finally arrived in Cuenca. Not the Cuenca that I remember but one that now houses a sprawling metropolis of high rise red brick flats, I was feeling apprehensive. We arrived late to be finding...

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Today we are leaving Gaulchos where we have stayed for three nights with friends in their beautiful house set high up in the hills looking out to sea. Yesterday we went in the car up to a small mountain village behind us called Lujar, the views were incredible. We...

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Moving On

We have now moved on down the coast to the other side of Motril, to stay with friends in their beautiful house high up in the hills overlooking mountains and sea. It is perfect. Our stay wiTh Dan and Louise was very relaxing and we enjoyed sleeping late, eating late,...

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Driving across Spain.

We left Orcano at 10.30a.m. And set off on the last leg of our journey to Southern Spain where we are staying with Lanky's daughter and her husband. The roads have been perfect all the way, newly laid and hardly anyone on them; at least, not until you hit a city. We...

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Before leaving la Almunia de Doña Godina we went for a coffee in the charming town square near the huge red brick church. The telly was on showing a bull fighting programme, my friend, who has expressed an interest in going to a bull fight then proceeded to say how...

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