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With a new book on the horizon and a spell in Spain to aide the creative process I will be posting regularly on my blog in the new year in anticipation of my new book
“Now We Are 70”.

Get Cracking & Never Die Wondering

Have you ever had a dream to change your life, to do something different, take an adventure, walk the coast path, sing in a choir, travel alone, or go on a safari? What is stopping you? Wendy Knee decided she wasn’t go to die wondering and is a motivation to all of us to make the decision, act and move forward. Her two books, now republished under this one volume shows how you can lead a fulfilled and positive life, the courage she and others have found to change their lives and what happens when you stop denying yourself the ability to be creative and focus on achieving your own goals. Whatever your age, whatever your dreams, this book is a must read for all those who want to change and never thought it possible.